Why donate with us?

Because for every dollar donated by you will be spent to purchase wholesome meals for needy seniors, homeless individuals and families. Without your help we simply can't, and with every donation, you will have the opportunity to choose where it goes, you will also have the opportunity of seeing just how that donation was utilized.  To see your donation in action, just visit our website under the community or donation tab. 

Many children, seniors and homeless individuals go without a good source of meals everyday. As a leader we stand for the people and the community, our goal is to receive enough funding to purchase food, fresh fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains & proteins to ensure that they do not go without eating. 

EXAMPLE: If we request your help for administrative purposes, then that's where your dollars would be spent and so on, 1 Step has rightfully earned a Seal of Transparency and are destined to  keep it that way!

That's why you can always feel confident that your donation will never be used irresponsibly or mismanaged!

Many children, seniors and homeless individuals go without a good source of meals everyday. As a leader we stand for the people and the community, our goal is to receive enough funding to purchase food, fresh fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains & proteins to ensure that they do not go without eating. Will you help us, help them? 

Who You Help

You will help support disabled seniors, keep fresh food on their tables, and provide a safer living condition. By donating you will make it possible to purchase repair supplies for hazards in their homes and more.

Your support will feed may homeless individuals and provide care kits, clothing and other items needed.

Your Donations will help those affected by COVID, providing utility assistance, food for children and their families.

Over all you CONTRIBUTIONS will be used respectfully while providing hope to those who unfortunately have lost. 


Today was an amazing day full of smiles, hugs, and happiness as we visited some unfortunate homeless individuals in the Central location of Houston, Texas.

We delivered new leggings, brand new backpack purses, sweaters, toiletries, and hand-crafted CANDY TREES!!! to women as well as new cotton hooded jackets, pants, jeans, candy canes, BEAUTIFUL hand-crafted greeting cards to all, gift boxes and more to both men and women! We especially would like to thank our amazing volunteer/donor SAMANTHA and her peers whom also pitched in to help us make this a very cheerful day.

Samantha who came across our website on volunterhou.org was touched by what we do, so she made it a point to be a part of a fantastic mission and drove from Cypress Texas, just to show just how much she cares for others with a cash donation and beautiful greeting cards that were hand-created along with cute reindeer candy canes, we salute her for everything!

Please enjoy the pictures of hugs and smiles as we near the ending of 2019! 

Thank you to everyone who makes a difference in what we do and believes in, you are the BEST

CEO of 1 Step and her Assistant/Husband began setting up an assembly line to deliver gifts and goods to less fortunate for our annual Homeless outreach program of 2019 

Handmade Christmas Candy trees were made and delivered to area homeless individuals this 2019

The CEO's Granddaughter had a blast creating Candy trees, for the homeless individuals for this Christmas! 

Shown here are the preparation of adding the BEAUTIFUL cards to the boxes and inside some handbags.

Loading up the vehicle for delivery

We distribute Cheer and Happiness to those in need! 

A Short Story

As a CEO, I have to share with you the overwhelming warmth in my body and tightness in my heart, when you give from your spirit. Here's a short but heartfelt statement, that I received once I presented a special handcrafted CANDY Tree to this beautiful woman as shown below! 

She said to me, ooooh , thank you so much! I ain't never had nothing like this, thank you again I love you and thank you for remembering us.

Her SMILE even says it!

Now, if this doesn't move your heart, then nothing will. Because It sent chills all over my body. It feels good to give and it certainly feels amazing to know that someone feels remembered. Thank you from all of us at 1 STEP FURTHER COMMUNITY CENTER, without your help, we couldn't continue our mission of purpose.

Merry Christmas to all and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to come!

S. Martin personal thank you to 1 Step Further Community Center: Thank you so much for remembering us homeless people, I have not gotten a special gift for Christmas in a long time. I am so happy and appreciate the food, my Christmas Candy tree and my brand new purse stuffed with personal stuff. It made me feel like we still exist out here. This something i will alaways remember!


2019 Fall Season has Begun

We are already in top gear, ready to assist and help anyone in need.

Our Special Hard working & Dedicated Volunteers and one of our Board Members!

Thank you Bags given to Volunteers to show our appreciation.

We had a good time and plenty of fun, sorting and preparing kits for the children at our Texas Borders today at The Hennington Regional Library 07/27/19 Thank you to all of the donors that made this possible and we would also like to send a special thanks, to all that came out and made a difference by sharing their valuable time while caring for others. You all are pretty AWESOME!!!!!  Please visit us frequently for updates we have designated drivers to personally deliver the items as they will be transferred over to other agencies that are working diligently to remove a little less strain and stress out of these kids lives, on behalf 1 Step F.C.C., our Volunteers and most of all our donors.  We could never show you how much your dedication is appreciated, thank you! UPDATE 08/04/19 Below!

Thank you, To Mr. Marcus & Mrs. Monica Garcia-Jacquett for ensuring that the donations were delivered successfully on 08/03/2019, to the Diocese of Laredo in Laredo Texas. The children being held at the border will receive the care packages and gifts from everyone that made a contribution and effort by donating, sorting, and preparing the items. 

Once again thank you, your dedication and willingness to drive to Laredo Texas is more than awesome!  

Our Founder/CEO Had a great time purchasing a huge amount of popcorn for some of our Houston individuals and families this November 2019 Holiday season. Mrs. L. Mack, would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season.

The year of  2013 was very special..

Quilts was given to some very deserving seniors.... We enjoyed  delivering & donating them with a smile, Sharing and Caring is what we do!

1 Step Further Community Center, Inc. Formally known as :

We delivered baskets to area needy children with filled goodies & a smile.

Thank you to our very own for making a difference.

*Note:  November 2014

We visited a Nursing Home, and weren't allowed to show the patients faces, due to the Hippa Law! 

We were happier enough to be able to still share the JOY, by passing out cozy, warm blankets. Provided by the FROSCH Company.

Thank you for your understanding. 1 Step F. C. C, Inc.

  Christmas December 2014 

 1 Step Further Community Center, Inc. Would like to thank our special,in-Kind Donors as listed below:

 The "Phoenix Services" Houston, Texas 

 Special thanks to Elizabeth Wilson and staff as follows,

 Rachelle Paynkewicz, Matt Trahan, Roger Shao, Melody Manuel  & Mary Ella Testa.  

 Thank you so very much, for those AMAZING care packages,  for  the Homeless individuals below.

Your kindness was well appreciated. Merry Christmas & a Happy   New Year to you all!

 Special thanks to Property Manager Tiffany Lilly  and staff ,of Mandalay at the Shadowlake Apartments, in Houston,Texas. 

 For providing Christmas trees for the kids along with all the trimmings.

 Thank you for making a difference, to you and your staff ! 

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!

 It wasn't as big as we anticipated, but next year will be bigger   and better!

Warm Blankets and pillows were given out today 01/06/2015 We want to thank our Volunteer A.Gonzalez for her time and contributions.

Houston will be expecting a very hard freeze 01/07/2015, 1 Step Further Community Center will be out delivering extra blankets to those living on the streets.

Thank you Dolls and Diamonds Youth Empowerment, 2015 Your donations meant so much, we are looking forward in partnering in the future for more wonderful events of Hope & Change in someone's life. It was an absolute pleasure to meet your Officers you all are what a real Doll and Diamond stands for!

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