1 Step Further Community Center typically provides in-service deliveries via person to person, and or family to family interactions but with the current pandemic we have changed our course of how we provide assistance. 1 Step F.C.C is helping combat covid-19 by delivering needs to area residents of Harris County and other surrounding area of the communities through con-tactless delivery services.
1StepFCC would love to have you join us in the force to recreate life-changing opportunities,  by partnering with us. Engage your fellow employee to donate unwanted gently used surplus items that they no longer want in an effort to keep them out of the landfill, while serving a beneficial purpose towards helping the needy.
Partnering with 1StepFCC will prove to be very effective by lending a hand of much needed assistance to those in need, and providing beneficial opportunities for everyone. We offer you many creative ways below, to partner with us to support your community and or city by either a one-time or on-going event or service.
  • You may be looking to develop or enhance your brand, one way of doing so may be by donating retail surplus
  • Book Sale Auctions
  • Sponsorship
  • Car Donation Program with our supported link, they will even pick-up the vehicle free of charge
  • Donation Drives
  • Volunteering
  • Or by creating a special event in an effort to raise funds for one of our programs etc.
  • Engage employees
Donating unwanted items, or retail surplus helps sustain the earth and keeps unwanted good items out of the landfill while giving the item a purpose for those in need.  For more information please feel free to fill out the form below.