Positive quotes for our Volunteers
We only are able to thrive, partly because of you!
You make a huge difference, in one's life.
We appreciate all that you do.
You are not just a Volunteer
Hard work matters
Because of your contributions, suffering may cease.
The time you share, means the world to us, thank you we salute you Volunteers of America! 
Benefits of Volunteering

  • Build Skills
  • Explore Various Causes from many different organization
  • No long Term Commitments
  • Meet new people
  • Feel good about what you do
  • Make someone happy

Volunteer Opportunities:
Currently 1 Step Further Community Center does not have any current field opportunities, rather virtual opportunities may become available soon, please check back occasionally. Thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer with us.

It's not the act of volunteering, rather the volunteer that ACTS

By our very own CEO, July 27th 2020 (Copyright Pending)

We appreciate all of the Volunteers at Volunteer Houston, for being so caring & hard working. 
Volunteers play a huge part in our organization and we thank you all for being so awesome! We work with amazing volunteers whom equally provide their services and time, we are also pleased to say that we are actively registered with volunteerhouston.org Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, we will select the most caring and sincere volunteers to be on board with us.


By offering a second chance opportunity in our Community Service program, one young lady, Ms. Hemjot completed hers and turned her life around while proudly volunteering her time, helping and preparing gifts to area needy children, thank you Hemjot.

Thank you very much Ms. A Gonzalez, for coming out and donating your time and the supplies that you collected to give to those that are currently homeless.

Volunteers Make Smiles

Volunteers Makes a Difference in everyone's lives.

Show your support by virtually volunteering, their are many things you could do to support our mission, just contact us with any ideas.

We thank you first hand for entrusting that we will always represent and provide to those in need, all because of you.