Bridging Gaps to Create Success

Children are our future, let's work together to help them become successful.

Our Personal Statement on Racial Justice, because everyone matters. 1 Step Further Community Center's Personal statement and STANCE against racial issues that has been happening across the United States: Brianna Taylor, George Floyd and Asian hate are only a few main issues that we are facing today. 

We're dedicated in rejecting racism, and discrimination, and are committed in fighting against racism where it exists. With respect towards one another we can all contribute towards change, by doing more and better to eliminate problems one step at a time. Our goal is to continue to meet human basic needs, and without prejudice to overcome poverty, and economic hardships through a range of social services.

How your donations and gifts are utilized

Once you make a donation through one of our platforms such as PayPal giving, and once the donation is cleared. It will be ready for us to use immediately to help the poor. We carefully allocate and spend your donation(s) where it is needed most are designated per your choosing and without negligence or waste.

Remember no amount is too small, and each donation is appreciated.

Your donations, goes towards a hot meal, healthy fruit and snacks, clothing, clean underwear, toiletries, medical supplies, school supplies, blankets and more. Your donation allows us to purchase operating expense supplies e.g. ink to print marketing flyers etc... called costs to continue to run our charity. Each time we receive either a monetary or a physical in-kind donation.

1 Step F.C.C. then posts it to our website where you're able to see your donation at work. Remember each dollar matter in different ways that a person's life may change for the better. But without your kindness and caring heart, they otherwise would go without.

Current Program andServices Available

1 Step believes in safety first, it is with every intention that we teach or guide children in a better direction towards problem solving to prevent bullying in schools, homes, and their communities. Every child deserves to be completely safe from harm. We as a society and nation have already lost many lives due to violence mainly stemming from past bullying and abuse. The class will effectively influence the way one may think, and react by achieving core values for success. 

  •  Food & Clothing assistance:  Hunger is one of our top Priorities, 1 Step F. C. C. will assist with non-perishable food items, also when funding is available will provide a possible $20 meat and poultry Voucher. Used only at nearby and participating grocers. Requirements must be meet for this type of assistance. Vouchers will be provided on a once a month and or emergency relief, to eligible clients and their households.  
  •  Help with household items and basic remodeling to low-income seniors homes that are in need of repairs: Household items will be provided for specifically for first time low-income homeowners, single parents and seniors. Items will be accommodated by providing beds, dining tables and chairs, living room seating, kitchen and bathroom necessities, qualifications do apply when supplies are available. We will update as we restock items, and the update can be found here.
  •  Homeless Outreach Assistance: It is with our greatest heart of hearts that we turn someone's life around giving them another chance to be a positive influence and contributor towards the community. Offering food, clothing, training and volunteer positions to reform back towards the working sector and more! 

*Please note that many of our programs are in a start-up phase, but as donations, grants and help from you are made, we can then move towards completion of all the important opportunities for the community at large. “Texas ranks 3rd in the nation for food insecurity, meaning that one in five adults and one in four children in our state are hungry, and that is simply unacceptable.” – f Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples. 

We Strongly advocate for school aged children and teens safety and well-being, through efforts of educating that it is okay to confide in someone whom they may trust. The Trust Campaign Program will be and is ongoing, to prevent children from harm and teens from potentially engaging in suicide. Parents grieve throughout the child's ordeal, but to lose a child is one of the most devastating ordeals that a parent may have to experience in their life. This is why the no bullying prevention is so important to this organization bottom line, no child should ever experience suffering while attending any learning institution, community or home. 

COVID-19 Message 2020

1 Step FCC is sending this message to everyone in regards to the pandemic of covid-19. Remember to keep your hands clean with fresh soap and water, followed by thoroughly drying   your hands on a clean towel. Use hand sanitizer frequently when you do not have access to soap and water, especially after touching any surface. Do not to touch your face, mouth, nose   and eyes!  Stay away from parties, large groups from home if possible. Most of all if you are feeling sick, PLEASE STAY HOME in the effort to fight against further   transmission. It is with our sincere condolences to everyone that unfortunately has lost a friend or family member. To combat the spread of COVID-19, we have temporarily suspended our pick up services. If your donation is not urgent, schedule your pickup after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. 

Many children, seniors and homeless individuals go without a good source of meals every day. As a leader we stand for the people and the community, our goal is to receive enough funding to purchase food, fresh fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains & proteins to ensure that they do not go without eating. Will you help us, help them? 

1 Step Further Community Center, is asking that you help us by donating $25 to go towards the purchase of our forever home, donating towards our goal of $150,000 will allow us to continue growing where-as we can broaden and extend our program services to the needy as well as communities. A home to call our own will allow for community underprivileged families, children and the homeless may visit  an actual location to obtain services. If you are interested and would like to become a part of helping us raise funding or have information as to us obtaining an unwanted unused building, please contact us by email. Remember it is you and your support that helps leverage our mission of purpose. Donations can be made by visiting any of our donation links or made payable to our address as listed below on the bottom of this page.

Compassion, hard work, drive and sincerity is who we are! Want to Help? Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, we will select the most caring and sincere volunteers to be on board with us.


225 MATLAGE WAY #3156 




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