How to volunteer with 1 Step Further Community Center

Thank you for your interest in 1 Step Further C.C. Program!

Volunteers are always accepted and respected for all you do for the community, children, families, seniors and homeless individuals. Volunteers help in bound seniors, sort surplus, prepare care kits, deliver and more to so many individuals and or families.

Without such amazing caring volunteers, we could not make it without you, because you play a vital part in our organization and see you as family. Whether you volunteer for one day or a week you make a difference, just for providing your time and not only that, YOU CARE!

Because of limited resources and during the pandemic (covid-19) we still offer some services to the community although many other program's and services are not yet available. It is expected in the near future as 1 Step F.C.C continues to grow, that we will.  However we do offer referral services to other organizations. Please contact us for information and or available services.

Options of becoming a Volunteer with us are in two ways:
1. Receive a Volunteer Application by email or physical email by emailing by request
2. Apply via online (we will send the application to you) 
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