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1 Step Further Community Center will provide you with updates on current available resources and or referrals to valuable agencies or organizations from time to time posted on this page. At this time we are experiencing a food shortage as well as supplies. 

The Texans Recovering Together Crisis Counseling Program is offering it's services and have partnered with 1 Step Further Community Center, to ensure you find assistance with them. If you or someone you know could benefit from these service, please use the listed contact information below.

Please visit often for more future assistance.

Who Are We?

Texans Recovering Together is a Crisis Counseling Program that offers crisis counseling, community outreach, local referrals and resources, linkage and psycho-education to individuals, families, and communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are here to ensure that all Texans affected in Harris County will regain a sense of normalcy and recover stronger than ever!

Who pays for services?

All services offered are free. The Crisis Counseling Program is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency also known as (FEMA). FEMA is partnered with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

What Services are Available?

Crisis Counseling and Intervention- Aiming to reduce the intensity of an

 individual’s emotional, mental, physical and behavioral reactions to COVID-19.

Education and Awareness- Educating individuals and the community on COVID-19

Resource Referrals- Providing individuals with community resources,

assisting with immediate and unmet needs.

 Skill Building- Providing individual/ group sessions and assisting individuals

with information on what to expect following a traumatic event.

Grief and Loss- Offering encouragement and support to individuals with

residual grief and loss of loved ones.


Texans Recovering Together works under the auspices of The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD (The

Harris Center), through the Texas Department of State Health Services. Funds for this program are provided

by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (“FEMA”) and Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Services Administration (“SAMHSA”).

Texans Recovering Together

P. O. Box 25381 Houston, Texas 77074


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