Smiles are all we want to see, because everyone matters.

                                              Our Personal Statement on Racial Justice, because everyone matters 

1 Step Further Community Center's Personal statement and STANCE against racial issues that has been happening across the United States: We're dedicated in rejecting racism, and discrimination, and are committed in fighting against racism where it exists. With respect towards one another we can all contribute towards change, by doing more and better to eliminate problems one step at a time. 

Our goal is to continue to meet human needs and without prejudice and work towards overcoming poverty, and economic hardships through a range of social services.

We'll never say that we do the most, but what we can say is that we focus on what matters.

1 Step Further was created to serve and provide for a diverse group of needy communities and families with children, and without prejudice, by providing direct service or offering access to a variety of programs, services and, or classes that will assist individuals and or families in maintaining, or working towards, self-sufficiency.

Mission Statement:

We will never say that we do the most, but what we will say is that we'll, do what matters and that's supporting others in need!

Want to help with issues surrounding the CORONOVIRUS Pandemic? Please visit our community page for more information.

In the United States, more than 69,000 people have been sickened and more than 1,000 have died and counting.

Please Donate

They are hungry and in need, this is where you can make a difference, covid-19 is constantly stealing lives. Kids are going without, seniors are missing out, the homeless is going without.
As a leader we stand for the people and community and we want you to know that nothing is more important than helping others and their well-being. What we need is funding to purchase and provide food, fresh fruits, dairy, vegetables, grains & proteins to needy homes as with the homeless. 
Will you help us, help them?

COVID-19 Message2020

 1 Step FCC is sending this message to everyone in regards to the pandemic of covid-19. Remember to keep your hands clean with fresh soap and water, followed by thoroughly drying   your hands on a clean towel. Use hand sanitizer frequently when you do not have access to soap and water, especially after touching any surface. Do not to touch your face, mouth, nose   and eyes!  Stay away from parties, large groups from home if possible. Most of all if you are feeling sick, PLEASE STAY HOME in the effort to fight against further   transmission. It is with our sincere condolences to everyone that unfortunately has lost a friend or family member.

1 Step F.C.C is diligently seeking to raise funding to purchase our forever home, where we can extend our full program services to the needy as well as the general public. If you  are interested and would like to become a part of helping us raise funding or have information as to us obtaining an unwanted unused building, please contact us by email. Remember it is you and your support that helps leverage our mission of purpose. Thank you for all you do
History of 1 Step Further Community Center

1 Step Further Community Center, Inc. (formally Community Crisis of Hope) is a non-profit with 501(c) (3) status located in the Sugar Land area and serves the Houston and surrounding areas. Meet Our Founder


President and CEO

Mrs. Larrietta Mack

1 Step Further Community Center, Inc.

Sugar Land, Texas 

A Humanitarian at heart, with not very much, knew her purpose was to help those less fortunate than herself.
Being a wife, mother, grandparent and someone who's experienced a form of abuse, hunger and homelessness in the past. Once a past sheltered young teen mom, and forced to seek shelter with The Mission of Yahweh. Larrietta certainly understands the importance of healthy safe living. Our focus is towards restoring hope to troubled lives, creating positive stepping blocks and changing lives for the better.

Continuing our mission in making a difference in lives by providing beneficial services of quality, dignity, and value in a supportive environment, promoting health, healing, self-respect and positive social interactions to all eligible individuals served. We are not just another organization with the same cores, goals and ethics, yet one who will really cares, values and respects everyone in need. hope hope 

We stand dedicated throughout our mission towards the prevention of bullying, domestic violence issues, child abuse, child, senior neglect, homelessness and most of all hunger relief to all. The Seniors program: Is a very special program and will serve towards the  assistance for the disabled and or Elderly individuals with immediate needs, such as changing light bulbs and ensuring proper A/C & Heating is working in their homes in the summer and winter months or as needed.

We simply offer help to those that are experiencing major hardships, we will refer clients to other agencies in the event that we can not assist them. Our COMMUNITY is at the heart of our best interest! Here is where positive GROWTH begins and Continues! 

A Short Story about the Founder/CEO 1 Step Further was founded on core values and actual experience, a few we will talk about and so many that will not be shared, however since around the age of 16 years old Larrietta has been a true believer in caring for others, cooking hot meals and handing them out to homeless people, sharing her groceries from the trunk of her car and reaching in her purse to share spare change for those that asked or simply needed a smile.

She knew this was her calling and was deemed the go to chic. As time passed and she became an adult, with many goals and aspirations to be a huge influence to others. Mrs. Mack certainly had her fair share of troubling issues, many hills and obstacles to endure to name a few.

Although going from pillow to post and not fortunate in having a steady home, being one whom experienced living in a shelter for a short duration, dealing with pedophilia with one of her children, verbal abuse, improper touching and an episode of domestic violence in her past. Larrietta knows firsthand just how it feels to be a victim of abuse and also the effect it could possibly take on any individual.

So, you see, it was her constant drive to pursue her dreams to share her story, and experience with others to possibly help them, get through another day one step at a time. Larrietta became a mom at an early age of 17 and now has 4 adult children and 7 grand-kids, whom she adores and there would be nothing she wouldn't do to protect them from what she had gone through.

Her family is one of the reasons for what she does, outside of just loving and caring for others. Having surpassed many set-backs, trials, errors and tribulations, now currently married to an amazing and supportive husband. Who's been with her through thick and thin is also a positive influence in her life. However, with his amazing support, understanding, and love. 

Larrietta's adult children and grand-kids continuously, encourages her to be the best she can be work by working even harder to fight for other people lives, that unfortunately haven't  yet found their voice! With every breath, long hours, dedication, along with continuously researching and developing better programs. People in need gain tools that determines a better life and happiness for all. Although the road may be bumpy along the way, she will gladly travel that road to help anyone in need. Advocating against Abuse, Hunger, Molestation, and Homelessness. I did, and with effort so can you! 

A personal note from our CEO, 

I would like to thank all of my supporters that never gave up on my passion, as I continue my dream. As I can clearly remember when I was 17 years of age when I knew who I wanted to be, I was told not to give to strangers. But I never listened to them, I listened to my heart. You can do what you set your mind to!

 Meet our Board Members 2019-2020

Monica Garcia-Jacquett

Youth Programmer & Counselor

Houston, Texas

Mrs. Monica Garcia-Jacquett is a native Houstonian and is a firm believer in the impact of community unity and the importance of helping others.

She has been an active member of the Youth Program board in her local church for 15 + years. She has also directed and counseled youth clubs, and volunteered during your internship with A*Med Community Hospice and is ready to serve as a 1 Step Further Community Center board. 

Mrs. Monica Garcia-Jacquett received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Houston-Downtown in 2019 She has worked with the Houston Independent School District since 2011 most recently as a Parent Liaison for the Parent and Community Engagement Specialist. She enjoys the great outdoors, especially camping and hiking with her husband and family.

Kevin Clark  

Bachelor's in Public and International Accounting

Houston, Texas

Kevin Clark has been President of River Oaks Couriers, since 1995. Mr. Clark is a CPA with years of experience in public accounting with an international accounting firm as well as controller-ship positions in various companies. He has led the River Oaks Couriers organization from a small niche courier operation to one of the largest transportation companies in the Houston metro area and now actively serves on our Board since 2018


Deaundre Evans

Houston, Texas

Degree in Business was obtained after attending Houston's University of Houston and also holds an accounting degree and is an active member on our Board.

Deaundre is fully qualified to sit on our Board, he brings intellect, skills in business management. 


Larry E. Jacquett 

IT Professional 

Houston, Texas

We are proud to have Mr. Larry E. Jacquett to our Board staff, A skilled IT Professional with experience in corporate environments, with high customer service; seeks for a long-term relationship with our organization, which recognizes growth in professional skills.

Larry takes pride in providing creative direction and out of the box thinking.


Mrs. Larrietta Mack Founder

Founder of 1 Step Further Community Center, Inc. and hold's a ministerial license, earned a Food Management Certificate to feed Houston's homeless in 2013 and briefly attended Houston Community College for Nursing. Larrietta also attended a short course with Houston Child Advocates and earned a certificate to speak for children without a voice as a Court Appointed Child Advocate with CASA in 2014. 

A Blast with Children in the Community, our Community Service program helped turned one young lady's life around by offering her a chance to give back! 

How your donations and gifts are utilized

Once you make a donation through one of our platforms such as pay pal giving, the donation is then cleared. In which thereafter it will be deposited into our pay pal giving account.

From there, we carefully spend your donations where it is needed and without any waste, no amount is too small, and each donation is appreciated. Your donations, goes towards a hot meal, healthy fruit and snacks, clothing, clean underwear, toiletries, medical supplies, school supplies, blankets and more. We  may also purchase operating expenses supplies e.g ink to print marketing flyers etc... called costs to continue to run our charity. 

Each time we receive either monetary or physical donations, we then upload it to our website, where you will be able to see your donation at work. Remember each dollar matter in different ways that  a person's  life may change for the better. But without your kindness and caring heart, they otherwise would go without.

Volunteers play a Huge Role and we thank them for being awesome!

  • We work with amazing volunteers whom equally provide their services and time, we are also pleased to say that we are actively registered with

  • We thank you first hand for entrusting that we will always represent and provide to those in need, all because of you.

  • Please visit our website to share in seeing the warm smiles, of those that are receiving or have been impacted by your help.

We Provide:

We aim to do our part by preventing molestation in the homes, by educating parents, children, schools and daycare systems where our children thrive and learn, by effectively educating and offering prevention strategies for a safer environment to school age children against predators and more. Alleviate: 1 Step aims directly to change hunger for all so that no individual goes without eating at any giving time.  

We Educate: We will break the cycle and educate parents on issues, such as ways to prevent child abuse, anger management, bullying in schools as most of the time it begins at home. Learning effective ways and awareness towards who and how to choose good caretakers, while raising good strong children in a stress-free environment.

Prevention Strategies: We also want to certainly prevent unnecessary deaths to women, infants and children by providing adequate educational tools and resources. Stress and poverty are a couple of areas that causes these issues in and around the home.  

Our Future Projects: We will be working on a very special project to develop a Summer Camp for school aged children and youth, kids will have the opportunity to enjoy their summers in a safe, fun, and educating environment. Filled with enrichment classes that educates against bullying, emotional issues and ways to effectively solve issues in a more positive way rather than violence.

1 Step F. C. C embraces the diversity in our communities, and we assist everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, age, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, veteran status, disability, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, citizenship and or expression.

We Strongly advocate for school aged children and teens safety and well-being, through efforts of educating that it is okay to confide in someone whom they may trust. The Trust Campaign Program will be and is ongoing, to prevent children from harm and teens from potentially engaging in suicide. Parents grieve throughout the child's ordeal,  Loosing a child is one of the most devastating ordeal that a parent may have to experience in their life.  This is why the no bullying prevention is so important to this organization. Bottom line no child should ever experience suffering while attending any learning institution, community or home. 

Compassion, hard work, drive and sincerity is who we are! Want to Help?

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated, we will select the most caring and sincere volunteers to be on board with us. Favorite us on eBay

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